Finding a Suitable Workers’ Accommodation for You Abroad

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More and more companies are offering their employees the opportunity to relocate abroad. This can be an excellent opportunity to learn about different cultures and understand various business approaches.

If your company is relocating you to work in another country, you may be wondering what your options are for accommodation. A great choice for many people in this situation is corporate housing, specifically designed for people traveling for work or who are relocating for a new project. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about workers’ accommodation abroad, including what corporate housing is and how it can benefit you.

Looking for a Place to Stay 

If you are looking for a place to stay and your company is willing to book your accommodation, they will most likely look for hotels or compare prices on different websites. However, if you are looking for housing on your own, you may want to consider using a marketplace like Airbnb, which offers a broader range of property types and prices. 

Another great option is corporate housing, designed specifically for employees who need a place to stay for a medium-term stay. Corporate housing often provides better quality for a better price.

Working abroad can be a great experience, but it’s essential to be flexible. Contracts can change, and you may be asked to stay longer than expected. If you’re using short-term holiday rentals, you may not be able to extend your stay, as they’re usually booked well in advance.

Why Opt for Corporate Housing 

Corporate housing is a great option for businesses that need to house their employees for an extended time, as it provides a comfortable and convenient place to stay. Additionally, corporate housing is often more affordable than other options, such as hotel stays or vacation rentals.

There are many reasons why corporate housing is attractive to businesses. One of the main reasons is the flexibility it offers. With a temporary contract, it is easy to extend your stay if needed. You can also negotiate terms that work best for you. Whether you want a weekly or monthly agreement, you can find an option that suits your needs.

Here are other advantages you may want to consider:

  • Affordability

Corporate housing is an excellent alternative to hotels for business travelers or anyone looking for a long-term stay. It is usually more affordable than a hotel and often offers more space and amenities than a hotel room.

  • Convenience 

A corporate housing company provides temporary housing for employees who are relocating for work. The company offers a furnished apartment or home for the employee and handles all the details of the move. 

This includes managing the property, paying bills, and providing customer service. The employee pays one monthly bill to the corporate housing company, which covers all expenses.

  • Efficiency

When you use a corporate housing provider or relocation agency, they will help you find a place to stay that meets your needs and requirements. This can save you a lot of time and stress, as you won’t have to worry about finding a place to live on your own.

  • Flexibility 

Corporate housing providers specialize in providing properties for corporate clients, which means they are more likely to accommodate any specific requests you might have. If you are relocating with a team, the layout of the properties could potentially be changed to suit your needs.


The importance of workers’ accommodation abroad cannot be understated. Workers need to have a safe and comfortable place to stay while they are away from home, and it can make a big difference in their overall experience. There are several factors to consider when choosing accommodation, and it is important to do your research to find the best option for your needs. 

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5 Best Practices in Booking a Group Hotel for Businesses

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Booking accommodations for a holiday is not a challenging task. Through advancements in technology, booking a hotel is at everyone’s fingertips. However, it is different when it comes to booking accommodations for companies.

Therefore, it helps to research and find out the best ways to secure rooms for multiple employees going on a business trip or a corporate outing. But what should companies do to make booking hotels easier? Here are some ideas.

1. Look at Amenities

When choosing a hotel for your business trip, it is essential to research the amenities offered. Look for hotels that offer amenities that are necessary for business travelers, such as a business center, free Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms. These should come in handy for companies in the future.

Companies also want to ensure the hotel offers a business center with computers, printers, and other office equipment. It is essential for completing any last-minute tasks or printing important documents. Many hotels will also offer complimentary printing services.

2. Ensure Accessibility

Business travelers must ensure the hotel they choose is accessible and easy. Look for hotels near airports or bus stations or those with easy access to public transportation. The best hotels should come easy to find or access, from usual travelers to companies.

Companies should also ensure that the hotel is close to the business destination. It will allow employees to quickly and easily reach where they need to go. Additionally, ensure the hotel offers parking for guests to make it easier for those bringing their cars.

3. Check Dietary Offerings

Business travelers should also consider the dietary offerings of the hotel they are feeling. Many hotels offer various options, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. Consider the needs of all travelers and ensure the hotel can accommodate them.

It is also essential to consider the overall health of the guests. Hotels that offer a fitness center or pool can benefit travelers who want to stay active. It can also help reduce stress and make a more enjoyable trip.

4. Read Reviews

Take the time to read reviews online. Reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality of the hotel, its customer service, and its overall experience. Additionally, reviews can provide information about the amenities and services offered by the hotel.

Reading reviews can help travelers make informed decisions and ensure they select the best option for their needs. Additionally, reviews can help travelers ensure they get the best value for their money as they accurately depict past guests.

5. Consider Safety

Safety is an essential factor to consider when selecting a hotel. Research the hotel’s safety record, read reviews and look for safety-related certifications. Additionally, look for hotels with safety features such as key-card access, security cameras, and other safety measures.

Finally, ask the hotel staff about their safety protocols and procedures. It will help ensure peace of mind when staying at the hotel. Remember that being in a hotel doesn’t mean security should be compromised. Instead, heightened security is much more important to keep guests safe.


When selecting a hotel, it’s essential to consider various factors. Start by researching the hotel’s location and amenities, then narrow down your choices by looking at the hotel’s pricing, customer service, and reviews. Additionally, consider the hotel’s safety record and features to ensure a safe stay. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect hotel for your next vacation or business trip.

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Tips to Find Corporate Accommodation in Unfamiliar Locations


Finding corporate accommodation in unfamiliar locations can be a stressful experience. It can also be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. But with the right tips and advice, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for finding corporate accommodation in unfamiliar locations that can make the process easier and less overwhelming.

1. Research the Area

Before you even start looking for corporate accommodation, it’s a good idea to research the area you’ll be visiting. Read up on the local culture, attractions, and amenities so you can get a better understanding of what to expect.

2. Think about Your Budget

Corporate accommodation can range from budget to luxury, so it’s important to think about your budget and what type of accommodation will best suit your needs.

3. Consider the Location

When looking for corporate accommodation, it’s important to consider the location and how far it is from the office or any other destinations you may need to visit while in town.

4. Look into Local Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is an increasingly popular option for business travelers looking for corporate accommodation in unfamiliar places. Corporate housing is typically more affordable than a traditional hotel and can offer more privacy and convenience.

5. Use Online Resources

There are a number of online resources available for finding corporate accommodation in unfamiliar locations. From hotel booking sites to corporate housing websites, these resources can help you find the perfect corporate accommodation for your stay.

6. Reach Out to Local Contacts

If you have contacts in the area, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them for advice and recommendations. They may be able to provide you with valuable insights into the local corporate accommodation scene.

7. Consider Safety

Safety is an important factor when it comes to finding corporate accommodation in unfamiliar locations. Research the area and make sure that the accommodation is located in a safe area. 

8. Read Reviews

Reviews are a great way to get a feel for the quality of the accommodation. Read through reviews from past guests and take their opinions into consideration.

9. Look for Corporate Accommodation Discounts

Many businesses offer corporate discounts on stays. Ask your employer or the business you’re visiting to see if they have any deals available. This can help you save money on your stay. 

10. Book Early 

To make sure you get the best rate and availability, it’s important to book your corporate accommodation early. This will also give you time to make changes if you need to. 

11. Compare Prices

Once you’ve narrowed your search, comparing prices between different corporate accommodation options is important. This is a great way to ensure you get the best value for your money.

12. Contact the Landlord

Once you’ve found a corporate accommodation that meets your needs, contact the landlord. Ask about their policies and make sure you understand them. This will help ensure that your stay in the corporate accommodation is a positive one.


Finding corporate accommodation in unfamiliar locations can be a stressful process. However, it can be done quickly and easily with the right knowledge and approach. By researching the area and asking for recommendations from the locals, you can find the perfect accommodation for your needs. 

Additionally, you can use online resources to compare prices and services. By understanding the different services and amenities offered, you can make the most of your stay in a foreign location. Finally, it is always advisable to book in advance, as this will ensure that the accommodation is available and that you have time to make any changes if necessary. 

By following these tips, you can ensure a comfortable and safe stay in an unfamiliar location.

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Unravelling the Challenges Regarding Corporate Travel

Corporate travel

Corporate travel can be daunting for companies, especially with the ever-changing demands of the modern business world, ranging from cost restraints to safety requirements. Each of these challenges, when faced alone, can be difficult to overcome, but when taken together, they can spell the difference between success and failure for a corporate travel plan. Here are the biggest challenges for corporate travel professionals today.

1. Finding Accommodations

One of the biggest challenges for corporate travel is finding suitable accommodations. With corporate lodging solutions, companies can easily find the right accommodations. Corporate lodging solutions provide various business options, including hotels, apartments, serviced apartments, and extended-stay hotels. Companies can choose the accommodation that best suits their budget, preferences, and needs.

2. Organizing Transportation

When organizing corporate travel, the challenge is finding the most convenient and cost-effective means of transportation and safely organizing the travelers and their belongings. Corporate travel often involves several people with specific needs and destinations, so effective coordination between all parties is essential.

3. Managing Travel Expenses

Another challenge for corporate travel is managing travel expenses. Corporate lodging solutions can help to manage travel costs by providing discounts on accommodations. Corporate lodging solutions can also provide discounts on transportation costs and other services, such as car rental and airport transfers. This can reduce the overall cost of travel and ensure that businesses get the best value for their money.

4. Prioritizing Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to corporate travel. Companies must ensure their travelers are safe as they move about and safeguard their belongings. In some cases, such as international trips, this may involve additional measures such as employing guards or hiring armed escorts.

5. Tracking Employees

Another challenge of corporate travel is tracking employees. This can be especially difficult if the business sends multiple employees to different locations. Keeping track of an employee’s whereabouts while they are on a business trip can be difficult, as well as ensuring they stay safe and secure. In addition to tracking the employee, tracking spending, such as meals and other expenses, can also be difficult.

6. Managing Travelers Expectations

In addition to the logistical elements of corporate travel, another challenge is managing travelers’ expectations. While travel can be rewarding, it can also be stressful, and companies must ensure they are doing their best to keep travelers happy while they are away. This may involve providing assistance with accommodation, planning leisure activities, or compensating for long wait times.

7. Creating a Culture of Compliance

Lastly, corporate travelers must comply with their destinations’ regulations and expectations. This may involve adhering to local laws, respecting cultural differences, or actions such as avoiding contact with certain persons. Companies must work to create a culture of compliance among their travelers to help ensure that these requirements are met.


Corporate travel presents many challenges, but with the right planning, they can be overcome. By understanding the biggest challenges and preparing accordingly, companies can ensure their corporate travel plans are successful and cost-effective. Moreover, corporate lodging solutions can greatly assist businesses in streamlining their corporate travel operations. With the right corporate lodging solutions, businesses can be provided the support they need to ensure their corporate travel operations are efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

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