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About Us

We Are Globeo, A Leading Provider Of Crew Accommodations



We Are Globeo

Globeo provides corporate lodging solutions for crew travel throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Our comprehensive reporting and 24/7 concierge service is powered by our online booking portal.

A Little Backstory...

Since 2015 Globeo and Oilfield Lodging has provided clients with comfortable crew lodging at cost effective rates. We’ve always gone the extra mile to make sure your lodging experience is the easiest, most effortless service around. And we provide the human touch: like the year we were able to procure time in a hotel kitchen so that one particular company supervisor could cook Thanksgiving dinner for his crew when all the restaurants in town were closed. From booking to check out and beyond, Globeo provides you the information you need for your company’s analytics, keeping travelers’ satisfaction up and bringing costs down. Globeo serves clients in industries like oilfield services, energy, construction, disaster relief, forestry, fluid transport to name a few. We know that our clients in these industries have special considerations for their stays like truck parking, early or late check-out, crew roster changes and many other needs that Globeo can help with.

Meet the Team


Alene Garlick

Chief Operating Officer


Bruce Garlick

Majority Owner and General Counsel


Brady George

Vice President of Sales


Schuyler Bagwell

Director of Travel Operations

Rachel Kokel

Vice President of Finance and Admnistration


Julianna Luna

Director of Hotel Relations

We are Ready

Globeo's Vision

Globeo provides corporate lodging solutions for crew travel throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Globeo’s proprietary online booking portal ensures the delivery of outstanding concierge service and comprehensive reporting 24/7.

Booking Travel is Easy with Globeo

Booking travel shouldn’t be hard or take up time that you need to get your job done! Globeo works to identify and eliminate challenges for our clients, simplifying the entire process. For our clients, wasted lodging costs are a thing of the past. Our relaxed travel booking experience, weekly billing, online booking portal and 24/7 access to our lodging industry experts makes it easy for your company to worry about your business and leave the traveling hassles to us.