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Effortless Crew Accommodation

We Are Globeo, A Leading Provider Of Crew Accommodations

Globeo’s goal is simple

To provide effortless crew accommodations services to our clients at the lowest possible rates! You’ve got your own job to do and adding complicated crew lodging arrangements can consume the time that you need to run your business. Calling hotels for rates, availability, location and then setting up crew accommodations for multiple travelers near job sites and for weeks or months at a time is enormously time-consuming. Managing crew rosters and reserving meeting rooms while avoiding overcharges or charges for unoccupied rooms adds endless chores to the lodging booking and billing process. Let Globeo simplify your crew accommodations process and at rates often up to 35% less than published rates!

From Booking To Billing, Globeo Is Your Easy Solution For Crew Accommodations!

How It Works

The super-simple Globeo booking to billing process

Step 1

Request a room using our online booking portal, by phone, by email or by text

Step 2

Once the booking is made, receive immediate itinerary confirmation

Step 3

Employee Check-In

Step 4

Employee Check-Out

Step 5

Weekly Invoicing & Reporting for your accounts payable team

Step 6

Payment is made by your preferred method set up in advance

Globeo Advantage

At Globeo we provide concierge client service, and deliver the best corporate lodging experience. Client service is not just something that we say, it is something that we live by.

Crew Lodging Made Simple

Manage your business while Globeo handles your crew accommodations. One call to Globeo and your crew lodging hassles are over. Our Lodging Coordinators monitor your entire stay from booking to checkout. No more billing surprises. Your Accounts Payable team will receive one weekly invoice plus report all of your active stays.

Globeo’s online booking portal gives you an overview of all your travelers and travel cost exposure so you can stay on top of your hotel expenses at any time. We are always available by phone, text, or portal access (whatever you prefer) 24/7/365.

Eliminate your travel concerns

Crew accommodations for 30 or more? Can’t find lodging close to your jobsite? No worries! Check one big thing (crew lodging!) off your to-do list by calling Globeo, leaving you free to worry about the 99 other problems in your workday. Call, text or book hotels through our online booking portal, whatever method suits you. Our booking team is here for you 24/7/365 at no additional charge. By using Globeo, the Managers can concentrate on getting their job done and not on hotel bookings. 

Let Globeo Handle Your Project & Crew Accommodation Needs

Spend your work hours on your work and not on hold with hotels making reservations or waiting to speak to the manager, let Globeo handle it for you. Saving you money on your crew accommodation needs is our #1 priority! Globeo offers 24/7/365 access to our industry experts and lodging management advisors.