5 Ways to Pull Off a Pandemic-Proof Picnic

group of people having picnic outside

Itching to get outdoors for any purpose other than taking out the garbage or walking the dog? This warm weather has us all craving summertime activities. With restrictions easing up a bit, we can’t help but wonder if there’s a way to safely gather with a small group of friends and share food.

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11 Must-See Movies Recommended By Globeo

man wearing sunglasses eating popcorn

The volume of films available right now can make finding a genuinely good movie a tough and tiresome task. Whether you’re watching from your hotel room, relaxing on your day off or just trying to distract the kiddos for a few hours, we’re here to help narrow down your options.

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Nostalgic For Normalcy Too? 9 Simple Things We Miss

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Look, we get it – remembering the “good ol’ times” can be quite bittersweet, considering they were only a few months ago. We don’t know about you, but this had our Globeo team reminiscing–here is a list of 9 things we miss most from our pre-quarantine days.

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