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Tips for Travel Managers: Choosing the Right Corporate Lodging Solutions for Your Crew

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For travel managers and key decision-makers, arranging accommodations for business trips can be challenging yet critical. With varying objectives, budgets, and employees’ unique needs, selecting the appropriate corporate lodging solutions requires careful planning and strategic thinking to ensure the traveling crew is comfortable, satisfied, and productive. As a travel manager, you aim to find lodging options that cater to your team members’ distinct needs while staying within your organization’s budget constraints.

At Globeo, we understand that choosing suitable accommodations plays a significant role in the overall business travel experience. Our comprehensive reporting, user-friendly online booking portal, and 24/7 concierge service aim to provide travel managers with the tools and support necessary to make informed decisions when selecting lodgings for their crew. As a result, we contribute to creating comfortable, hassle-free, and productive travel experiences for businesses throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

In this blog post, we will share valuable tips for travel managers on choosing the best corporate lodging solutions for their crew by considering various factors such as location, budget, and employee preferences. We will also discuss how Globeo’s tailored lodging solutions can help travel managers navigate the many accommodation options available, making the booking experience more efficient and straightforward. 

By following these guidelines, travel managers can make informed decisions and provide their traveling teams with comfortable, suitable, and productive environments to achieve their business travel objectives.

Boosting Employee Productivity with Strategic Corporate Lodging Choices

1. Understanding the Connection Between Accommodations and Productivity

The choice of corporate lodging accommodations can directly impact employee productivity during crew travel. A comfortable, well-equipped living environment not only supports the physical well-being of employees but also fosters a positive mindset that helps them remain focused and motivated. Some key factors that contribute to a productive lodging environment include:

  • Comfort: A comfortable and well-maintained room allows employees to rest and recharge after a busy day, ensuring they are better prepared to tackle work challenges the following day.
  • Workspace: Ideally, accommodations should provide a dedicated workspace with a desk and ergonomic chair, as well as sufficient lighting and power outlets for electronic devices, allowing employees to work with minimal distractions.
  • Connectivity: Reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi is essential for staying connected to work, accessing required resources, and participating in virtual meetings or collaborating with teammates.
  • Amenities: Additional amenities such as a gym, laundry facilities, and dining options can also contribute to employees’ overall well-being and help ease the stress of being away from home, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

2. Strategies for Choosing Productivity-Boosting Lodging

To maximize employee productivity during crew travel, organizations can adopt several strategies for selecting corporate lodging accommodations that promote employee well-being and support productivity:

  • Prioritize Comfort and Quality: Seek out accommodations known for comfortable rooms and high-quality amenities. Pay attention to details such as bed quality, cleanliness, and noise levels, as these factors can significantly impact employees’ ability to rest and recharge.
  • Evaluate Workspace and Connectivity: Ensure the chosen accommodations provide a dedicated workspace and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Be thorough in understanding the specific needs of traveling employees in terms of connectivity and working environment requirements.
  • Focus on Location: Choose accommodations close to work sites or conveniently located near public transportation, minimizing employees’ commute time and fatigue.
  • Consider Long-Term Stays: For longer crew travel assignments, consider extended stay accommodations with homelike features like a kitchenette, additional living space, and laundry facilities. These will enhance employees’ comfort during their stay and assist in maintaining their productivity.

3. Leveraging Globeo’s Solutions to Support Productive Lodging Choices

Globeo empowers organizations to make informed lodging choices, ensuring that selected accommodations support productive work environments for traveling employees. Our platform offers several features that aid in selecting and managing appropriate lodging options:

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Globeo’s reporting capabilities enable organizations to analyze and track the effectiveness of their corporate lodging choices, helping identify areas that require attention or improvement.
  • User-Friendly Booking Portal: Our platform simplifies the process of selecting and booking corporate accommodations, offering detailed information on rooms, amenities, and other essential features for a productive stay.
  • 24/7 Concierge Service: Globeo’s 24/7 support service is available to assist employees with any issues they may encounter during their stay. This ensures that employees can focus on their work, knowing their lodging needs are handled promptly and efficiently by our experienced team.

4. Fostering a Productive Culture During Crew Travel

In addition to choosing the right corporate lodging accommodations, organizations can foster a culture that promotes productivity during crew travel by implementing the following practices:

  • Provide Clear Communication and Expectations: Ensure employees understand the organization’s expectations and goals for their business trip. Maintaining open communication channels helps employees stay aligned with the company’s objectives and allows them to prioritize their tasks accordingly.
  • Encourage Healthy and Mindful Practices: Encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance during business travel, such as setting aside time for exercise, relaxation, or other personal interests. This can help reduce stress and prevent burnout, ultimately improving productivity.
  • Offer Travel Support and Resources: Equip employees with tools and resources that help them stay organized and productive during their trip. This may include itinerary management apps, mobile office tools, or access to co-working spaces in the destination city.


Implementing strategic corporate lodging choices is essential in promoting employee productivity during crew travel. Organizations can develop an effective approach to selecting and managing lodging options that support employee well-being and performance by understanding the connection between accommodations and productivity.

Don’t let managing crew rosters and reserving meeting rooms become a headache. Let Globeo simplify the crew accommodations process for you, with rates often up to 35% less than published rates! Our comprehensive lodging booking and billing process makes avoiding overcharges or charges for unoccupied rooms easy. Contact us today to learn more about our crew accommodations process and start saving time and money. Book with Globeo now and enjoy a hassle-free corporate lodging experience.

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